About Us

The rich, welcoming smell of freshly brewed coffee. The sweet, refreshing taste of homemade gelato. The delicate, flaky touch of warm pastries. Appealing to the senses is a crucial aspect of a great café, and we here at Java Grill are focused on that. We strive to create a place where you are very much a part of the experience. Go ahead, design your own custom rolled gelato. While you’re at it, choose the coffee beans you would like to be ground for your cup of java. Java Grill provides a relaxing, interactive atmosphere where you can start your day, or end your night, with a smile and your senses satisfied.

Java Grill, a Virginia Limited Liability Company, is managed by entrepreneurs, parents, and coffee/gelato enthusiasts who are excited to bring you an unforgettable experience. We want to build a safe social zone for children and adults alike to hang out while drinking coffee or eating gelato. By combining unique flavors and experiences found while traveling around the globe, our leadership team is bringing a new experience to you. If you would like to join our wonderful team, check out Careers at Java Grill.

Java Grill is at:

611 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

We are open every day from 8AM-10PM, and til 11PM Friday and Saturday